Thursday, August 02, 2007

Patterns Finally Finished

Its been a long hard slog. Ok, maybe not that hard!!!! But certainly long. And, of course, changing my mind in the middle of things didn't help as it meant I needed more new designs.

However, the first of my "Scrapping the Rainbow Valley way" patterns is completed. Now I suppose you want to have a look? All of the individual pics are on scrapbooking pages.

And I promised some free patterns. The first of these is the Heart Frame. Its quite easy to make if you know how to crochet.

The second is step by step instructions on how to make the mini flowers. This is aimed at beginners. Both are with the rest of my free crochet patterns at Cwm Enfys Crochet. Although, Not quite where I wanted them as I have had a few problems updating things over there. Those of you who know msn know they like to play games!!!!


  1. Those are really great, Helen. Just placed an order. Couldn't find the heart pattern though. Anyway, really nice work.

  2. I added direct links to the pages. Hope this makes them easy to find now.


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