Saturday, September 08, 2007

Learning Curves.

Life is just one big Learning Curve - no matter how old you are! And I have a few steep ones coming up.

The major one is an Open University course I have signed up for. As I have never done one before I am understandably nervous. It is a photography course and the idea is that I learn to use my camera better. I will also be getting a copy of PSE5 with the coursework - which I have never used. So, being brave, I downloaded a trial version of it from the Adobe site. However, being not so brave, I haven't attemped to use it yet! I think this calls for a giant google of PSE5 tutorials!!!!

Another one is Frontpage 2003. I have been using Frontpage 2000 for some time and have been getting reasonably proficient at it - with the aid of a great book form Peachpit Press by Nolan Hester. I borrowed this book from the library and renewed it 3 times before I decided that I really ought to buy it.Then I updated to 2003 and they have changed a whole load of stuff. I have to start learning it all over again. I have borrowed the 2003 verion of the same book but have yet to venture into its pages. I had better do it soon as lack of funds prohibits the purchase of it just yet!

Another thing I need to learn is to write begging letters - for a job! There is very little around here for a Mum who can't drive. I have a C&G Adult Tutors certificate but can't seem to use it. I have signed up to teach a number of classes since moving here - only to have them all cancelled "due to lack of numbers". So now I need to try a different angle. I fgured the worst people can say id "no" and then I won't be any worse off than I am now.

On a brighter note, I have finished designing the Jungle puppet set. I just need to finish writing the patterns then remake the puppets to check them. Then I will have another load to store in the wardrobe!!!!!

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