Sunday, September 09, 2007


Thanks to somebody on UKS, I found some really easy PSE tutorials by Misty Cato. Not only does that lovely lady write them so that any fool can follow them, she even supplies some of the digi elements used. I did her first two this afternoon. The first one was a "Quick Page" and she supplied the page. I have to admit that while I was not entirely happy as using somebody elses design, as it was my first attempt with PSE5, I took the easy way out. Not a lot of creativity involved either, apart from all the creativity it took to find the right buttons!!!!The colours on the page are lovely. I suppose that as she has a son she doesn't do much pink either!

The second was a template. Bit more creativity here. I used pictures of the weir from our visit to Llangadog. All in all, not a bad days work!

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