Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Atelier East presents

Neville Palmer - Digital Graphics
and other recent work.
An Exhibition at the Angles Theatre, Wisbech, Cambs.

February’s exhibition at the Angles Theatre, one of a continuing series curated by Atelier East, will feature digital graphics by Neville Palmer. For many years a sculptor and a painter, this new digital work is part of a relatively recent exploration for the artist and forms the major part of his first solo exhibition in Wisbech since 1981.

We are very excited to be able to show the work of Neville Palmer here in Wisbech. His attention to detail is phenomenal and his use of colour is beautiful. If you have an interest in visual arts of any kind then it would be really worth your while to view this exhibition. Neville Palmer’s work allows you to look at things differently; you can look at one of his pieces for ages and it is amazing how your visual perception of depth alters as you notice the difference in the way that the colour and form interweave. – Karen Harvey, Atelier East.

The exhibition opens on Sunday 3rd February with a reception from 6-8pm and continues until Friday 29 February and further information about the artist can be found online at

The theatre is also open Monday to Friday all day and Saturday mornings, plus it is open for shows. Best the check with the theatre if you are going out of normal hours.

The January Sale exhibition is going well. It is on until FEB 1st. There are still lots of bargains to be had from some great artists, lovely individual pieces of art would make great gifts, especially with Valentines Day coming up, and its all for a good cause- our lovely local theatre!

For more information on exhibitions at the Angles Theatre contact

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