Friday, January 18, 2008

Beads, Beads, Beads!

I have been beading and crocheting like mad! I have finished beading my 3 magnolia paintings. Now they need mountaing abd backing. Next I have to start on the 2 lilies. I have some others with the beading finished, also needing mounting and backing. I was thinking of doing some today but, after a shopping trip to Tesco, I have managed to pull a muscle in my back! My family eat too much!

I have got the jpegs and "blurb" off to Karen (but not heard if it is right yet). Next job is to create a flyer/invite for her. Its all go!

Here are the Poppies. I love the colours on these and have tried to use both the stitching and beading a bit more creatively.

I have a huge stash of seed beads. I tend to buy old or cheap jewellery and then take them apart. Its amazing what you can find in charity shops!



These are the dolphins. This one is totally different from the others.

I painted the rainbow stripes on the silk then cut dolphin shapes from dark fabric and put them between the silk and the backing. Then I quilted around the dolphin shapes.

This is a sort of shadow applique.

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