Monday, March 10, 2008

Getting there slowly.

My stash of beads finally turned up on Saturday. They didn't really take that long to come but I was very impatiently waiting for them so it felt like ages!!!!They were worth waiting for though. And I was sent a free pack! Not entirely sure why but there you go!

After all the sewing and beading I did last week, I now have 5 finished wall hangings and 5 finished pictures ready for my exhibition at the Angles Theatre. All they need are the poles and frames which Mark will be making me. I just need to sort him out the sizes.

I also painted 2 more which I quilted at the weekend ready for beading. And I have taken pictures of everything done so far so that I can add them to my album. I just need a few more close ups.

The green one is something a little different to usual. I didn't use gutta and want the sewing to make the picture. It will be finished with beads but can you tell what it is? Please leave a comment and tell me what you think. As the comments are moderated, I won't be publishing any until I post the answer and the picture that inspired this one.

Ok, looks like I am going to have to add the pictures later. I hate it when things don't work properly!

Friday - It has let me sign in this moring but I still can't seem to add pictures!

Saturday - I have added the pictures at last!!!!

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