Saturday, March 29, 2008

Its not all beading!

I hate the finishing off.

All the little bits that need doing to make things look presentable. The boring bits.

When I started doing this, Mark thought I had got bored with the beading. But, the truth is, I really don't want all the finishing off left until last.

Mark made me all the frames.

Here they are stacked against the unit waiting to be used.

They all need sanding before I can use them.

I "sew" the silks on.

This gives me the flexibility to move them into the right place and the ability to pull the thread tighter to stretch the silk to its maximum.

When the silk is in the right position and tightened, the corners need trimming and stitching into place.

To make the backs, I draw around the frame then iron all the folds in place, just inside the lines.

Then I sew on my very own "Designer" label. It's amazing what you can do with t-shirt transfers!

The backs are pinned in place. When they are all done, I will take them back down the shed for Mark to use his compressed air staple gun to attach them on firmly.


  1. Wow I guess you don't think about how the final product actually becomes the final product.....

  2. It's all worth while though as the finished design can be shown in all it's glory.
    Cass xx


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