Saturday, April 19, 2008

About that Orrery.............

Ok, where do I start??????

I need to not only learn but, also understand, how gear ratios and trains work.

Anybody know?

Anybody know anybody else who knows?

There is a very nice man who made this Orrery. I emailed him, not really expecting an answer and he has been in contact with me.

Of course, wouldn't you know it, he doesn't have plans or anything for it. That doesn't really surprise me, the man is an artist not an engineer. You really should check out the rest of his site. Some of his stuff is a bit wierd for my taste but some of it is wonderful!

However, he is planning on making some more and has been emailing me with gear ratios and other useful info.

Not that I know what to do with them!!!!!

So, rather than drown in this wave of panic, I decided to google for "gear ratios and trains". Its amazing what is out there!

There are loads of site aimed at schools and colleges - just my level.

So now I know what a gear ratio is, does and how to use it!

Next step is how to use it in relation to the Orrery.

I did the weekly challenge on UKS this week. My Team will be pleased with me!!!!

Actually, the theme fitted very well with the next page of my Silk album. I did have to go rushing around to see Lesley to find out how to ink some edges and beg some blue brads - but I did it.

Makes a change from digi ones.

And, shhhhh - don't tell anybody, but I am quite liking this "real" scrapping!


  1. Love the LO and I will keep your secret lol!

  2. Loving the LO and I've only just seen the's been a busy are you going to do with those beads???


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