Monday, April 14, 2008

Back to Hooking!

In the nicest way possible of course!

The problem with not crocheting for a while is that all the ideas start piling up so that when you do start crocheting again they all want to come out at once.

This means you start at least 5 things in one go and don't get any of them finished.

And, as you start something new, something else springs to mind that you really NEED to do!

I started working on the pattern for the t-shirt. But, as it is black, I need some light relief for the evenings.

So, I made these!

They are inspired by Bee who is about 7 months at the moment. They are only 2½ cm from toe to heel and will make a great "New Baby" card!

I also made a frame for them which you can thread blue or pink ribbon through.

Then I started working on the patterns for the crocheted punctuation I used in some of my Silk Album.

However, I remembered that I had promised to make something for somebody else and, while finding the pattern I needed to adapt to make it, I saw the Snowdrop earrings pattern.

Which reminded me............

Some time ago, Mark made me this vase from a Banskia Nut.

Mam tatted the Sunflower and the leaf which is in it.

I put it on top of the TV.

But it looked lonely so I told Mark it really needed another little vase to keep it company.

He made me this one from a very pretty piece of elm.

This picture makes it look huge but it is only 10.5 cm tall.

This picture really doesn't do the colours and grain justice.

I was going to make Snowdrops to go in it.

That was about 2 years ago!!!!

However, last night, I did!

I had to finish them off this morning but I am really pleased with them.

They are a bit bigger than real snowdrops but I didn't have finer thread in green to make them smaller.

The whole of the head, including the green bit, is about 4cm.

I may redo them in thinner thread at some point.

And sell these on Etsy! LOL


  1. What amazing talent, those snowdrops are adorable

  2. I would never have thought to crochet snowdrops. You have an amazingly innovative approach and fill me with inspiration.

  3. You have an amazing aray of crating talents.
    Very clever and great to see.

  4. Beautiful crochet work.Absolutely stunning.

    Cass xx


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