Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The light at the end of the tunnel.

I haven't blogged in nearly two weeks! Apart from not having the time, I didn't have the inclination.

Mark got told on the Thursday after the last post that it was him who was going to be made redundant. Then they sent him home on "Gardening Leave". This meant he has been home since then driving me loopy. Of course, it would have to be at a time when I have a lot to do anyway, both on line and off.

He wasn't too bad the first couple of days but as time when on I could see he was getting more and more stressed over the situation.

We spent the following Monday and Tuesday rushing about and getting no where! The Job Centre is as much use as a chocolate teapot and people just don't return your calls. All we wanted was some help with a CV. Neither Mark nor I are any good at selling ourselves.

On Wednesday he had to go to work for a "Consultation meeting" at 10am then had an appointment at an employment agency in Huntingdon in the afternoon. So he went for lunch at his Mums.

He came home in a bit better mood from the meeting. They told him how much he would be getting and, if he starts a new job while he was still working for them, they won't penalise him by reducing his payout. He has worked out that we will have enough to pay the bills for the next 3 months as long as we don't spend anything else.

I was looking forward to a days peace but ended up with a sort of interview at 10.30am. It was actually more of an informal chat. It is only part time but looks like a fun job and right up my street. It is activites organiser at a local OAP home. Wonder if I could get them scrapping????? I have filled in the application form they gave me and am now waiting to hear from them.

Now he just needs to find a job.

Well, maybe........

I want him to be a plumber. He knows the trade, he has worked in it for the last 6 years. He actually knows more about the products than the plumbers. He has to, to be able to sell them to him. He designs bathrooms for both the retail and trade customers and has fitted ours - which is so posh it belongs in a 10 bedroomed house!!!!

He is very dubious about it. Actually, its more of a case of being scared. He has never been in the position where he doesn't have a payslip at the end of the month and the thought of not having one is scary.

His other problem is that he is the only one who doesn't know how good he is!!!!!

He went out the other night to meet up with some plumbers after I had insisted that he phone some of them to do a bit of networking. One of them turned around and told him that he would be "Unfair Opposition" as he knows too much. So finally, he has agreed to give it a go. After all, what has he got to lose? He is out of work in 6 weeks anyway!

I haven't been idle even though I haven't been online much.

My domain name has finally been sorted out after a lot of hassle. It is www.enfys.me.uk I have made new banners and updated them on my links page with the new addy and the new location of the banners. I have put them all in Photobucket.

I am in the process of uploading everything to free web space. Then, if things do take a turn for the worse and I lose the internet and the current site, the banners will still work and all I will need to do is get the domain name to forward to the new site.

I have finished the pattern for the Rainbow and sent all the information off to Scrapbook Inspirations - complete with the new domain name.

I now need to make a whole load of new business cards with the domain name on.

Its just all go!

The lady who ordered the silks from me came to pay me a deposit and bought the "Four Seasons" at the same time!!!! She also liked what I have done so far and will be wanting another two of the Shooting Star.

I have finished beading that one, want a sneaky peak????


  1. I am glad you are so optimistic the part time job sounds right up your street. Sneak peek is tantalizing : )

  2. Oh sweetheart you have an awful lot on your plate right now. Its so unfair. Sending you lots of hugs Emma.x

  3. Bless you - you are really going through it the moment! Good Luck with the job - my friend's friend does something similar and they make cards .... I should think scrapping would go down a treat.

  4. I'm sorry life has chucked a spanner in the works and I hope everything works out for the best for you both :) xxx

  5. Good to hear from you Helen, its a stressful time - but stay positive!!! Love the sound of your p/t job... Donna x

  6. I truly believe in the old saying that when one door shuts, another opens and the plumbing idea sounds brilliant to me - who can ever get a good plumber when you want one? If you keep believing in him, maybe he will catch on too! :)

  7. Sorry things are so crazy for you but at least things are sounding more positive hun. Hope you liked your swap bits, I don't think anything was pink was it? lol. Love the sneak peak looks fab. Jay xx

  8. I hope that things work out for you and Mark. When will you know about the job? I love the rainbow.

  9. Good luck with the p/t job, sounds like it would be perfect. Love that sneek peek but want to see more now x


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