Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fame and Fortune!

Well, Fame at least!

Here is the bit about me in Scrapbook Inspirations.

And there is more on their site - - with links to both my site and msn group.

And for all you "Pinkaholics", here is the girl baby set.

And here are some teddies.

Now, the thing is, I only have a boy so I need somebody the scrap the girl set for me.

I will send you all the stuff in the picture, all I need in return is a good quality jpeg for both the pattern and my site.

I know there are a few new baby girls out there so who is going to offer.


  1. I loved this rainbow when i saw it in the OP for the LO. It's fantastic!!! there's smething for you on my blog this morning :)

  2. Congrats on the write-up - how cool is that? I absolutely adore the pink babyset but those teddies... oh my, those teddies are just so cute.... I can see those on the front of a baby book...

  3. Oh how cute is that baby girl set love it you are so talented


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