Monday, July 28, 2008

More Baby Stuff

I have been working on more baby scrapping stuff.

Here is the complete Boy set.

It is all made in the new thread I have been slowly stocking up on. I will still be selling the stuff made with the old thread for now as I still have a huge stash of it. The problem is that I can't replace it when I have used it

I have been slowly stocking up on a range of DMC Petra. Unfotunately, I don't have the range of colours in it yet. I need to sell more of the older stuff to afford the new ones!

These are some accessories I have been working on.

I could really do with some inspiration here as I can't think what else to make!!!

Any Suggestions?

And here are some cards we made on the weekend. We used wallpaper I bought in a clearance sale for 50p. I did the top 2 and Benjamin did the bottom 2. We were quite pleased with the results, having never done decoupage before!


  1. I love the new baby sets Helen - the white accessories are gorgeous. Couldn't you make little nappies on a washing line for baby cards? nah, naff suggestion, sorry!!

    (Still think the teeny teddies are the cutest things since sliced bread)!!

  2. Your cards are great. Love the new crochet sets.


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