Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I knew this would be a mistake!

I have managed to stay away from ATCs for quite a while but after making that one last week I have been bitten by the bug!

Yesterday I spent ages designing this and printing it out on to cardstock ready to make some more.

Luckily, I have an A3 printer I bought with another purpose in mind and its perfect for printing on to 12 inch card!

And, although I have managed to stay away from organised swaps for the moment, have agreed to a private one.

What am I getting myself into??????

That lovely lady in the new florists got me some green handmade papers on the weekend so, to celebrate going into work, I splashed out on them and finished off the Snowdrops LO yesterday.

I crocheted a Snowdrop by adapting the pattern I have on my site slightly. I didn't use wire in the stem which is the basic difference.

Yesterday evening there were loads of kids outside the window.

When I looked out, they were all standing in the next door garden looking at the old cistern (they are in the process of having their bathroom redone).

However, when I looked a bit closer, they were actually watching a baby hedgehog eating catfood from a bowl.

Of course, I had to rush out and take pics!


  1. Oh dear. What have you done? Starting ATCs is fatal! Deb x

  2. That LO is gorgeous - great colours X

  3. Wow how exciting! I've yet to see any hedgehogs in the wild, but I just love them. Back home in Canada I had a pet African Pigmy Hedgehog named Tiggy of course. What a great photo you got too! Remember not to feed them milk though, as it is not good for them.


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