Friday, September 19, 2008

My first ATC!

Last night was Craft Club, normally an opportunity to try out something new.

And last night was no exception, I made my first ever ATC.

Sue Cheffins is a local lady who dabbles with dying threads, quilting and a whole host of other things. She brought along kits for us to make Fabric Trading Cards. The kits were all for an Autumn theme and had all those lovely rich autumn colours in them.

Most people had great fun doing it, including me and they only cost £1 as well so it was a cheap night!!!

It just so happened that I had a crochet hook in my bag - I guess you are all really surprised at that!

So I got some of the lovely hand dyed thread she creates and crocheted a leaf. Then I stitched it on the the background, added some leaf sequins, stuck the background on to the card and did button hole stitch all around the outside with what was left of the thread.

I have to say I was quite pleased with the result and can see this becoming habit forming!

Another thing I am quite pleased with is this 12 inch LO I did for the UKS weekly challenge.

As I am working on Halloween embellies just now, I thought I would make it Halloween themed.

This is Benjamin, age nearly 3, in a Pumpkin outfit I made for him.

Unfortunately its the only photo I have of him in it and isn't very good but it will have to do.

But the bit I am really pleased about is that I used chipboard!

I covered it with PP - and should really have waited for it to dry propery before trimming.

One of the tags made a perfect leaf for the pumkin!


  1. Helen, love your ATC, its beautiful! Of course its got your individual slant with the crochet and sewing going for it as well!!

  2. Love your crochet leaf. ATCs are addictive.

  3. Your ATC is divine ... and I don't use that term loosely ... it is totally you and totally gorgeous!

  4. More l/os you are on a roll !!! Ive just completed my 2nd ever ATC for a DT project but its not as fab as yours x

  5. Your ATC is brilliant and lovely colours.

    Sara x x x

  6. I love your ATC x juliet


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