Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ooooh! I am all excited!

I went out to Tesco this morning and when I got back there was a message from Sam asking me to give him a ring. So I did and he wanted me to go and fill some forms in. Of course, there is no time like the present so I have spent all afternoon there filling in banking details, going over various aspects that I need to officially know, choosing my uniform (as I am the only Activites Organiser, I get to choose the colour) and sorting out a start date.

Of course, it just so happens that the lady I am taking over fron is on Holiday and won't be able to do my induction until October 9th. However, Sam suggested that I would need to go in to read all the paperwork etc and get to know the residents.

So I start Monday!!!!!!!!!!!

Best thing is, I still get to go to C&C Monday morning first and until Tina gets back, I can go in as I please. I am hoping to do as much as possible during school hours to save on the child care costs as I have missed the cut off date for this month so won't be paid until the end of October.

Obviously, after then, I will have to fit in with Tina for the induction and work the longer hours when I am doing it properly. But the After School Club is great and only £2 an hour.


  1. Great news hope you have a lovely first day at work monday xxxx


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