Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Real" Scrapping!

I managed to get those photos sorted!

This is the layout for the Shooting Star, the first in the set of 3 along the Stars and Rainbows theme.

Those handmade silk papers I bought are gorgeous! They are made from recycled garments so are perfect for the layouts.

I crocheted a shooting star to match the one in the silk painting and stitched the beads on to some handmade paper.

This is the second one I did.

When the lady picked up the first one she decided she wanted 3 different ones instead of 3 the same.

This gave me a bit of a dilemma - but also a chance to experiment.

I had never tried crochet on any of my silks before but it worked really well.

I re-created one of the stars for the layout.

I also stitched some of the beads on to the paper again and used more of the silk papers.

I wasn't so happy with the third silk - but she likes it.

I was trying to re-create the effect at the bottom of a waterfall in stars. I made loads of crocheted ones in rainbow colours for the silk, which I also used on the layout.

I stitched a rainbow on to the silk paper in the beads I used on the silk.

The Snowdrops are still a W.I.P. I have made the embellishments but need to wait until I get some green handmade paper for them.

My CRB check for the new job STILL has not been received by the CRB and the cheque I wrote has STILL not cleared.

I am beginning to think that somebody doesn't want me there!


  1. I just love the bead work and your beautiful rainbow.

  2. WOW you crotcheting and bead work are totally GORGEOUS!!!!

  3. Gorgeous - no need to say anything else, you are so clever!!

  4. Helen, I have watched you grow from the start of this group (cwf enfys)and I am not amazed at what you have accomplished so far as you are extremely talented. I expect a lot more (you've only started) from you in the future :) You are one of the most creative people I have come across in a long time. Keep it up GirlFriend!
    -Jan (dblstitch)

  5. That bead work is just soooooo yummy!!!


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