Friday, November 14, 2008

Doesn't Time Fly.....

.....When you are working?

20 hours doesn't sound like much, especially when there are 168 in a week. In fact, when you think about it, it is actually less than one whole day.

But 20 hours spread over 4 days, plus the time to get there and back, creates a HUGE hole in your time.

And things just keep falling through it!!!!!

Basically, I have lost the best part of four days and have to fit everything I normally do in seven days into the remaining three. I am not doing so well.

I know other people do this all the time. But they are used to doing it. Hopefully I will get organised at some point and get into a routine where I can fit everything in.

However, the good part is that I finally have some money to spend! I have to be relatively good as I have things to pay out and sort out first but I have treated myself.

I bought a staple gun so that I can finish off my pictures myself without hassling Mark to sort out the big compressor one down the shed and some tape to cover the raw edges on the back. I also got some of those nine pocket pages to keep my ATCs in.

Marks Mum picked up twelve 8in frames for me last week so now I am all set to finish off the quilted photo frames, or I will be when the tape arrives.

As you can see from the photos, I have already mounted theones I have finished and just need to finish the backs off.

I had to change the photos in the Baby Girl ones due to MAJOR complaints from my son. I had used photos of him as I didn't have any of baby girls. Then my Mam pointed out that I had some of me. So they have been duly scanned and printed to use.

I only have time to edit a few of the pics to use, so will show you the others another day.

The other thing I really wanted to show you was this lovely lot of stash I got from Linda E. Thank you so much! I love it!!!!!

And finally, I took this from the back door this morning.

The sun was coming up in the front and the moon was still really bright out the back.


  1. I love your photo of the moon its truly stunning. Those picture frames are brilliant too.

  2. love the poppy L/O very unusual ! the moon pic is amazing too ! x


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