Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Window No. 2

Is me!

I told you it would be.

You can make these Lucky Pennies into Flowers or Stars.

I did originally intend to make a new one every Christmas for Benjamin but.........

There is still time to catch up.





If you want to snag the calender for your own blog or website, just click on the bit that says "COPY" on the bottom of the one on the left.

Full instructions provided.


  1. What a wonderful project Enfys, thank you so much for donating it. I will have to have a go at this one for sure :o)


  2. I was thinking today maybe I should have held this one back for a while...spoiling them too soon!

    Thank you so much for donating it, and for all your patience and support this last month.

    Let's hope we're right and it proves worth it!

  3. This is so breathtaking!

  4. Thes penny holders are gorgeous Helen!! Would be lovely for all sorts of things, new borns to cross their palms with silver? Brides for something old/new/ble/borrowed?

    I have your ATC Book and ATC made and it is waiting for the post office to open again but it is Hajj here at the moment... hang in there... it will turn up!! ;)


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