Tuesday, October 20, 2009

As promised........

Photos of the new lanterns

First of all, here is the Candle.

I wanted something relatively simple as some of the more complicated things I was working on just weren't going right.

I was pleased with the way this turned out, simple but effective.

Again, please excuse the bad photos, take with the IXUS on ISO3200. But you should be used to them by now!

As soon as I am able to get a decent evening, I will go out and do the decent ones on a long exposure. I just have to wait tuntil its not too windy.

And here is "SnowStorm", although I am not quite sure if that is the right name of it.

Any suggestions?

It is the same as "Starburst", made with 11 motifs in the smaller size bangles.

This weekend I bought some new candles, just under £5 for a pack of 6 in Wilkinsons. This is roughly the same price as you can get them on eBay and you don't have to worry about the postal strikes.

Something else I have been doing recently is re-investigating Ravelery. I joined over a year ago and got so confused with the place I gave up. Now, whether it is me or them I don't know, I am finding it a bit easier to negotiate.

I have been adding some of my free patterns to their database and, when I work out what I can and can't do, may add some of the ones for sale.

In the meantime, if anybody wants to add me as a friend I am Enfys on there as well.

Just one more thing I couldn't resist showing you, I bought this cute little phone sock in Peacocks, only £1


  1. Clever clever! Canjust see carol singers carrying your lanterns, joy!

  2. Oooh lovely lanterns.

  3. Your lanterns are looking good Enfys :-)

  4. Enfys come and join my swop x juliet


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