Sunday, November 15, 2009

About that new project......

I have been working hard at it, although some of the letters are proving not to be quite so simple as I thought.

This is the first name I have done, for my bosses grand-daughter.

I figured it was just as easy to work on a name as it was to start at A and work through to Z.

It is also a bit more fun.

The "P" is about 20cm tall, while the "a" and "e" are about 13 cm.

I think my next words are "Merry Christmas" in yarn for work then possibly, "Nadolig Llawen" in thread for home.


  1. Looks Fab! Still not had a go yet, but will soon :)

  2. Wow that's some piece of crochet!

  3. Once again your work amazes me. Love it.

  4. W-O-W!!!!!!!!

    thanks for the comment on my blog, that frog's my fave too he's available here if you're interested :0)

  5. HOw great is that! bet she will love it!


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