Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fluffy Heads

I have been taking loads of photos of my real clematis to try to get the crocheted one looking right.

However, I do plan on using a LOT of "Artistic Licence".

As I tell Mark when he complains I am not being accurate enough - "You are an engineer, I am an artist. So I can use artistic licence."

The centres of the flowers start off with a little cream in the middle of mostly plum. As the flower gets older the plum opens, revealing more cream.

When it eventually loses all of it petals, the fluffy head left is all cream.

I made them with loop stitch, working round and round amigurumi style and keeping the loops to the outside.

When it was finished, I trimmed them off and fluffed them up.


  1. amazing, this is so time taking but I think worth it, loving it :)

  2. I'd say you definitely got it right. Wow.

  3. How lovely! The leaves are wonderful :)

  4. This is totally awesome - you are incredibly clever!

  5. Stunning work. congratulations..:))


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