Monday, October 04, 2010


I worked hard yesterday! It was dry but dull, perfect for taking photos as you don't get shadows or areas of high contrast. I managed to take photos of all the individual letters I have made so far then sat watching recordings of Strictly (mmmm Matt Baker!) while I sewed them together into words.

I decorated the "Merry Christmas" with crocheted holly leaves and french knot berries, sewed a crocheted star and french knot baubles on the tree and am quite pleased with the whole effect. I have left the "Merry" and "Christmas" separate as I thought it would be easier to display.

I have also sewn "Peace" together and finished crocheting "Joy".

Of course, I now have to wait until it is dry again before I can take more pics but you can see my "Boo!"

I am going to put this on eBay at a starting price of 99p, so if you want it, go and see if you can get yourself a bargain. But be warned! This is the prototype, it isn't perfect and is made with different balls of bright orange which means that it is all different colours.But I don't suppose that will notice in the dark. Anyway, that is the reason I am selling it so cheap.

I have also had a couple of orders for names. Well, not exactly orders. I asked my neighbour if she would like some for the grandchildren.

I want some to display on the site and when I do the couple of craft fairs I have booked. Seems a waste just to make some names that are going to languish in the wardrobe forever after. By making them for her, at least they will get used.

Now I need to get showered and ready to go out. Our Craft and Lace groups two weeks exhibition at the Library starts today and I have offered to help put the display up. And I need to take my Clematis along.

I will take some photos for those who are not close enough to go and see it in person.

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