Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ooooh! I am all excited.

I feel like a kid at Christmas but I really can't help it.

I have been officially published in Inside Crochet. And I get paid for it!

Yes, I know I have been in mags before but not like this. I have never been paid before for a start.

Anyway, if you want to see a free online preview, you can click on the picture.

And there are more to come. The full Lowercase Alphabet is going to be published this and the next two issues.

And I have to say, the photos they have taken are lovely and make my letters look stunning.

Now, as to why I haven't blogged in ages.

Well, there has been all this overtime in work. And there have been the driving lessons and studying for the Theory Test. And there has been all the time spent working on more patterns for IC.

And there has been all the time spent working on a new pattern for Rainbow Valley.

This one is "Scrapbooking with Crotat". As you might have guessed from the name, its a motif pattern for scrabooking - or anything else you would like to use them for - and is all crotated.

Crochet Tatting is a form of tatting done with a special type of crochet hook and combined with crochet to produce a unique effect.

Here are just a few of the motifs from it, I think there will be 15 different designs in all, along with some basic instructions.

It is almost finished and will be published in April, along with a slightly revamped site.

I have started working on a crotat jewellery one as well.


  1. You do such beautiful work, consider this a standing ovation from me on getting the (pre-paid) publishing!

  2. What a lovely blog ! How clever you are . I will add your banner to my blog. Love your work.x.


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