Sunday, October 17, 2010

Word Up.

I have been working as fast as I can on these letters. Some are relatively easy, especially when certain parts are the same.

Some are not!

The "J" looks fine in this one but when I used it in "Jack" it was far too small.

After some alterations, I finally got it to the right size.

I also had to change the "A" for Alice.

I still have no idea when this lot are going to be ready. I was planning for the end of October but "things" happen.

Good things for me, bad things for you.

"Inside Crochet" are interested in some of my patterns. This is good for me because of the exposure and the extra cash.

But it is bad for you because you either have to get the magazine to get the patterns, or wait a further 6 months after it has been published for me to be able to sell the patterns on my site.

Another good things is that my driving licence has come. They sent me a letter to ask if I had ever lived at a certain street. And, if so, why was I applying for a 1st time provisional. Ooops! I answered yes and that I no longer had the old licence or a record of the number and thought it was out of date. Hence the new application.

My new licence turned up on Thursday, complete with the original number. Then, on Saturday, an cheque for £30 because they had issued a replacement not a new one!

I ordered a BSM New Learner Driver Pack from Tesco. Only £52 of Tesco vouchers and it has 4 lessons, 2 simulator lessons and all of the books and dvds you need. I have phoned BSM to use the Tesco package and now have to wait for them to ring back.

This is other stuff going on which I can't tell you about. Hopefully, if it works out, I will be able to tell you about it soon.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

As promised......

Dry this morning do here is a quick photo of the new version of the "Merry Christmas"

I had to use the fence to pin it on as I don't have any where else big enough!!!!

I have left it in two separate words so that it can be displayed in which ever way you prefer.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Chatteris Craft & Lace Group Exhibition

As promised, pictures from the Exhibition.

This is at Chatteris Library and is open during regular Library hours from October 4th to the 16th.


If you are able, you should really go and have a look.

As you can see from the photos, there is a wide variation of crafts and lots of talent.

You can also pick up a program for next year to see what we are up to.

If not, I hope you enjoy the photos.


Better still, if you are able to go along between 10.00am and 1.00pm on either of the Friday mornings, there are demonstrations to enjoy.


I worked hard yesterday! It was dry but dull, perfect for taking photos as you don't get shadows or areas of high contrast. I managed to take photos of all the individual letters I have made so far then sat watching recordings of Strictly (mmmm Matt Baker!) while I sewed them together into words.

I decorated the "Merry Christmas" with crocheted holly leaves and french knot berries, sewed a crocheted star and french knot baubles on the tree and am quite pleased with the whole effect. I have left the "Merry" and "Christmas" separate as I thought it would be easier to display.

I have also sewn "Peace" together and finished crocheting "Joy".

Of course, I now have to wait until it is dry again before I can take more pics but you can see my "Boo!"

I am going to put this on eBay at a starting price of 99p, so if you want it, go and see if you can get yourself a bargain. But be warned! This is the prototype, it isn't perfect and is made with different balls of bright orange which means that it is all different colours.But I don't suppose that will notice in the dark. Anyway, that is the reason I am selling it so cheap.

I have also had a couple of orders for names. Well, not exactly orders. I asked my neighbour if she would like some for the grandchildren.

I want some to display on the site and when I do the couple of craft fairs I have booked. Seems a waste just to make some names that are going to languish in the wardrobe forever after. By making them for her, at least they will get used.

Now I need to get showered and ready to go out. Our Craft and Lace groups two weeks exhibition at the Library starts today and I have offered to help put the display up. And I need to take my Clematis along.

I will take some photos for those who are not close enough to go and see it in person.