Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Inside Crochet 18 is out

Click to view Inside Crochet issue 18 Yes, Issue 18 should be in the shops and I am in it again with the final part of my Alphabet Mobiles.
For anybody who wants the matching Uppercase and Numbers, you can get those on my site.
Urban Camouflage mini crotat bag

I have finally finished designing the Crotat Mini Bags I have been working on. The last one gave me a bit of a headache as the butterflies just wouldn't go right.

This one is "Urban Camouflage". I was going to call it something really boring like mono stripes.

This one is "Rainbow Waves" and made in pretty much the same way as the Urban Camouflage. Just with a lot more colour.

Rainbow Waves Mini Crotat Bag
Fleur De Lys Crotat Mini Bag

I went a bit patriotic with the "Fleur De Lys" one. After all, I was designing it when all the hype about the wedding was on the TV.

I love this colour, its so fresh. So I made the "Daisy Chain" bag from it.

Butterfly Parade Crotat Mini Bag

And here is the "Butterfly Parade".

The smaller one was made with my new hook. Scarlet Dash very kindly sent me one to play with. Its a 2mm Prym Bamboo Hook.

When it arrived, I though it was far too fragile, it just looks too thin. And I needed to sand the head to make it suitable for crotatting. However, it is surprisingly strong and supple. The head had to be sanded a few times as I was scared to take too much off but, eventually, I got it right. And, unlike the metal crotat hook, I was able to use it for both "normal" crocheting and crotatting. It saved switching back and fore between two different hooks.

I have to admit though, it did take some getting used to.

Talking about Scarlet Dash, have you seen the lovely interview she did about me?