Sunday, June 09, 2013

Teddy Bears Picnic

The Teddy Bears Picnic pattern is finally finished and on line.

I had a ball of this yarn sitting on the sofa and it was just shouting at me to become a Teddy Bear. How could I resist? Of course, when I had made one, I had to make more.

The pattern is almost all in dc (US-sc) and aimed at beginners. There is a more difficult round to join the legs and arms but I have included a photo tutorial the first time this is used in the pattern along with a schematic to help explain it.

Just click on the picture to go and see it.

A family of Teddy Bears

Materials: Sirdar Simply Recycled DK, 3 x Clay (13), 1 x Camomile (15), 1 x Denim Wash (16), 1 x Fleck (18) 1 x Pollen (19), toy stuffing, black embroidery thread.
3 balls is enough for 4 bears. 1 ball will make 1 large bear or 2 small bears.

The other colours are for the clothes and are optional. If you buy all of the other colours you will be able to make an additional set of multicoloured bears.

Equipment: 2.50mm hook, needle for sewing in ends and embroidering features.

Tension: This is not important but you do need to keep your stitches tight so that the stuffing can not be seen.

Click on the small pictures to go and see the bigger versions.