Thursday, July 26, 2007


No, this isn't something you do to stop people contacting you, at least, not in crochet terms.

When you crochet a piece it all curls up. When working with acrylic, the easiest thing to do is to lightly iron it between two damp cloths. However, when working with cotton there is a much better way. Blocking.

As most of what I do is with small pieces, I use a small cork notice board with some kitchen towel laid over it. I just run the piece under the cold tap, squeeze it out then pin it in shape. Make sure your pins are rust proof! As the cotton dries it tightens a little. This pulls the piece into shape around the pins. Basically, you are ironing it without an iron, which flattens it and spoils the effect.

When working with larger pieces, it is easier to pin it into shape first, then use a spray gun to dampen it.

Happy Blocking!

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