Friday, September 26, 2008

Sue, it is all your fault!

Up to now I have pretty much resisted the urge to make some ATCs. This was mainly through lack of funds. I mean, I need some felt and patterned fabric first.

Which means I need some money. And I don't have any spare until I get paid.

I think I have spent my first months wages 10 times over so far and I haven't even earned it yet!

So, as I start my new job on Monday, I thought I had better get the house clean and shiny as I am not going to have as time for stuff like that.

First, however, I had to get the sewing machine out to fix something for Mark.

Fatal Mistake!

There was this bag of scraps sitting on top of the sewing machine. It is cut offs from when I frame the silks.

Normally I would sort through this lot, save the scraps of wadding for stuffing other things and throw away the scraps of silk and fabric.

But now I have discovered a use for them.

Yes, ATCs!

So guess what I was doing instead of housework??????

I started off quite neat and pretty much following the style of the first one.

But that was done with felt and patterned fabric. I couldn't leave a raw edge with silk because it would fray.

I stitched the silk on and folded it over for a neat edge.

The problem was that most of the prettiest scraps were far too small for this so I started being a bit more adventurous.

I used smaller scraps and some embroidery stitches on the machine to cover the edge and do the quilting.

As I am not selling any crochet bits at the moment, I have a huge stash of them. So I figured I may as well use them rather than make some.

I can always make some more if I ever do get any orders for them!

And, of course, it wouldn't be one of my silks if it didn't have beads on!

On some, I have used brads instead of beads.

Finally, I glued them to the printed backing cards, trimmed them to size and did buttonhole stitch around the edge.

I have to admit the the original with the stitching matching the leaf looked nicer but I gave away all my old thread which these embellishments are made from when I stocked up with the new thread.

I used the sewing thread I quilted it with instead.

So what do you think?

And now that I have made some, does anybody want to trade?????

Like you Sue, as it is all your fault!!!!!!


  1. They are lovely Enfys

  2. Anonymous2:08 pm

    OK , my name is Sue, and it's my fault.... now you're hooked, and I'm not talking the crochet type!!!

  3. These ATCs just get better and better!

  4. aww those are sooo pretty, really loving the colours. xxx

  5. So cute, I love the dragonfly one!!

  6. Your ATC's are stunning!! How on earth do you manage to sew so beuatifully on something so small... and I would swap with you in a second but it will have to wait till I come back to the UK as I don't think the post out here is up to much!! :)

  7. I have really enjoyed catching up with your blog tonight :)

  8. They really are great, i discovered atcs just a little while ago and have even got my eldest son into them lol. Nothing quite as grand as yours though. :)


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