Friday, October 31, 2008

Want to see some Pumpkins?

Linda has some great ones on her blog - A Crafting Journey: **Trick or Treat Blog Candy**

And she has blog Candy!


If you are one of those people who go out to start the car 10 mins before you need it when it is frosty - DON'T.

The neighbour of somebody Mark works with had his stolen yesterday.

He went out, started the car and de-iced it. Then he realised he had forgotten something and went back in the house to get it.

When he came out, his car was gone.

The Police said these thieves are preying on people who do this. There are gangs of men driving around in vans looking out for unattended cars with the engines running. They don't hestitate, if they see one, they are in there and off like a shot.

And the insurance will not pay out.

Please pass this warning on to as many people as possible. It may be a bit cold and inconvenient, but stay with your car while it is defrosting

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quilted Layouts

I have finished the two girl ones!

Well, almost. I wrapped these around an 8x8 pad of cardstock to display them as I don't yet have the proper frames.

But I couldn't wait to share them!

The other thing I need are some decent tags to tie on. These are for the babys details.

They are based on a scrapbooking style.

I have used painted silk instead of patterned paper and (mostly) crocheted embellishments.

They is finished off with some baby buttons and seed beads.

They are 8 inches square and made to fit 5x3½ inch photos.

Now I have to get the frames to finish them properly and decided on a price to sell them at.

The Lady in the flower shop said to keep them under £20 which is why I have done them small. The thing is, how much under?

I have enjoyed making these. I just hope I enjoy making the others I have planned as much!

I think I am going to do the poppy ones next!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Knights Move.

Here is a bit of something to waste your time!

As Promised..........

Indoor Fireworks!

These are perfectly safe, no fire involved.

You will need 2 paperclips, a strip of strong paper or card and some streamers.

I have used shredded foil paper for the streamers as I thought it would sparkle like the fireworks actually do.

Fold the card over but do not crease it. Use the paperclip to hold it in place.

Turn the whole thing over then repeat with the second paperclip, making sure it only goes over two layers of card.

It should look like this from the top.





Finally, tie your streamers to the paperclips.

Now the fun bit.

Take hold of each end of the card and hold it at arms length.

Pull the ends apart quickly!


Monday, October 27, 2008

More ATCs

Have to say, I have been having a great time making these!

This is my latest lot of ATCs. And there are a whole load more in the process.

Yes, they take a lot of work but I really like the original idea of them being miniatures of your art work. As my artwork is crochet and silk painting, that is what I do.

I could probably make 10 times as many if I did them with paper and glue - but that just isn't me.

Anyway, as I was doing these I came up with another idea. What about bigger versions that I could maybe sell?

After thinking about this some more and then chatting to the lady in the flower shop who displays some of my work, I came up with this.

It is 8x8 quilted scrapbooking layout and made to fit a 5x3½ photo. It isn't finished yet, I need some pink baby buttons and I haven't beaded it yet.

Yes, its pink!

Its very pink!!!!!!

But I didn't have any pale blue fabric to make a boy one and I had a whole pile of pink stuff made for the "Scrapping for Babies".

Besides, I am not planning on keeping it and there are plenty of baby girls around.

However, I am quite pleased with the result so far.

And I have another pile in all different colours to get done yet!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Not that easy.

Mark isn't pleased with me!

I was really enjoying my job. I love making these people smile and bringing a bit of fun to their lives.

The carers are great but they only have enough time time to "care". I get the fun bit of playing.

However, this week I was brought down to earth with a jolt. One lady who is there on respite due to a physical injury had a "funny" turn. She was convinced she was somewhere else and thought I was working there. I hadn't seen her like this before and it threw mw a bit.

Then the next day, another lady who gets a bit confused was a lot more confused than usual and ended up in tears. This threw me even more as she is really lovely and I hated seeing her upset.

So, two days in a row I came home from work a bit down.

Mark asked me if I could do the job. I told him I just needed to get used to it. He said "Either that or look for a new job!"

I have worked with Learning Disabled Adults in the past. I thought this job would be like that. In some ways it is but in other ways it is so different.

The people I used to work with had never known any different. The incontinent ones had always been like that. The ones that thought like children had always done so.

The problem with the people I work with now is that they used to be normal human beings like you and me. They used to look after themselves and others. They have brought up families and worked hard for a living. They really don't deserve the indignity of the way they are living now.

Life can be so cruel. It can take away your mind and rot your body and there isn't anything you can do about it.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Catching Up.

I don't know where the time has gone!!!!

Work has been much more fun since Tina came back from holiday. I have been learning what I am supposed to be doing and, although most of the day was spent chatting, I learnt more last Thursday than I have learnt the rest of the time I have been there.

And my hours were upped to 24, 4 days at 6 hours a day.

I took some of the residents out for a walk on Friday. Well, I did the walking, they were in a wheelchair.

I have planned some activities for future weeks - like a bonfire party. Have you ever made Indoor Fireworks? Perfectly safe and no fire involved. When I start making them I will put pics and instructions on here.

I had a few orders for some of my crocheted embellies, so I was busy doing those in the evenings. They all got posted on the weekend.

Look what Fi has done with some of my flowers!

Had a day out in Ely on Saturday, enjoying my first wage packet!!!!! Unfortunately, I couldn't spend much as I only had one weeks pay that has to last me all month. I was expecting more but the Manager forgot to add the additional hours I was promised on.

Mark went back to work on Monday. I love having him at home - when he is supposed to be.

But when he isn't, he disrupts my routine and hogs the puter!!!!!!

This week, I made ATCs with the residents and one Lady loved it! I have put a special trade request on the UKS ATC board to see if I can get her some trades. This is the one I traded with her.

So far, I have had 4 replies about sending cards to my Lady. When I told her she was so excited.

I also had a great time doing manicures on Tuesday. It gave me a chance to chat to some of them on a 1-2-1 basis and get to know them better.

We played "Play Your Cards Right" and enjoyed that as well - despite the fact that I have never watched it. I found some instructions on line and just made it up as I went along. One Lady nearly wet herself when I told her there was no way I was dressing up as Bruce as it would take too long to draw all the wrinkles on!!!!!

However, as much as I am enjoying myself, there is something I am really peed off about!!!!! Apparently the Manager was told on Friday that I only have 20 hours NOT 24. Of course, he didn't tell me!!!!! The lady in charge of the admin told me. This means that because I had already done 12.5 by Tuesday, I only have 7.5 left to do for the rest of the week. She said she has had it in the neck about the hours and insisted that I was only supposed to do 20 despite what the Manager had told me.

So, the routine I have started getting into is all up the wall. I now have to reorganise my days to fit 5 hours instead of 6. And, any overtime has to be relaimed that week as I can't go over 20 in any week. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went to the surgery to get weighed this and she said I had put on 3kg. I told her it was water retention!!!!! The thing was, I had got caught in a downpour on the way there and was wet through below my jacket. When I got home I weighed, then got changed and weighed again. There was a 5lb difference so I have only put on 1.5lb.

I am so loving the postie coming at the moment. I have sent off a few ATCs to trade and am getting some back. Its amazing the different styles and techniques of them all. One was quite simple and easy and made with a colour chart you pick up in a DIY. The lady who sent that one deliberately sent me something simple I can do at the Care Home as she does the same sort of thing at Sheltered housing.

I am hoping my Lady there starts getting some soon. I am planning another craft morning for Monday. Today, as the weather is nice, I will be taking a few of them out for a walk.

As I have sent off all the ones I have made so far, I spent some time on Wednesday quilting more scraps of silk onto backing fabric to make more ATCs. I have another 25 in assorted colours to decorate now.

I have also started my mushroom silk - as all of my crochet orders are complete.

Now, best I get to work so I can earn more cash for more stash!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Oops, its a bit late!

I am sure I will eventually get into a routine but I have no idea when.

In the mean time, you will just have to bear with me.

I realised last night that I hadn't done Octobers calender, so here it is.

I hope you enjoy it.

I am really missing blog hopping but am finding it difficult to fine the time to blog just now, let alone blop. I have loads of unanswered emails and piles of other things I should be attending to.

On top of everything else, after not having sold any crochet for months, as soon as I start work I get some orders!!!

I am not complaining, honest! Its just that I am not the most organised person and everything coming at once has thrown me a bit.

I sit and crochet in the evenings while watching TV so the orders really are not a problem. And I have come to the conclusion that I am not going to get the new Halloween scrapping pattern written in time for this year so there is no point trying. I have, however, put some of the stuff on the site for sale.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the Calender even if it is late.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It has been a long time.........

But I have been working!!!

And doesn't it take up a lot of your time!

It was REALLY boring at first as all I was doing was reading policies. But then I ventured out of the staff room and started to get to know some of the residents.

Much more fun!

I can't actually start properly until the lady I am taking over from comes back off holiday and shows me the ropes, but at least I am getting to know people.

I have made some more ATCs. I finished off the ones from before and plan, when I have time, to make some more.

I was showing them to some people in the Gables and hope to persuade them to have a go.

However, before I can do that, I need some trades so that I have a wide variety of styles to show them. They have only seen mine.

Here are some I traded for the other day.

Both of the dragonfly ones are gone but all the others are up for grabs so please contact me if you would like to trade.

Also, as I am on a really tight budget, I would be grateful for any stash you no longer need. If you are having a clear out, please send it all to me.

You can get the address by googling for Gables Care Home Chatteris

Thanks All!

All I have time for now.