Friday, August 15, 2008


As you may have read, I have to have a major sort out of my crochet stash as it is taking over the house!

I have more yarn here than I can ever hope to use, even if I live to be 150!!! Hence the "Funky Fibre Giveaway" below.

Today, I have started sorting out my thread. I have finally collected enough colours of the DMC Petra to convert all the Scrapping Items I sell on my site from the thread I have been using. The DMC looks and feels nicer, although it doesn't cost more and, in theory, is the same quality.

Now the dilemma. I haven't sold any of the actual items since last summer. Is it really worth the effort of making everything in the new thread to add to the site for sale? Or should I just delete the pages and create a "Sale" page for the stuff I already have here that I made when designing the patterns?

What do you think?

Of course, I could just add a load of pics on here of the stuff I need to clear out and do another stash exchange????????

Whatever I do, I still have a carrier bag of the Twilleys thread to dispose of!!!!!

My patterns have been doing quite well on Etsy. I have also added a few more to Craftjuice - including Christmas ones.

This may seem a bit early but it is nearly September and people who will want to be making these will want the patterns in plenty of time.

When it gets a bit closer to the time, I will add some actual items. I have loads of them in the wardrobe as well! However, as listing stay on Etsy for 4 months, I won't be leaving it for too long.


  1. Wow. I adore those Christmas decorations. Good luck with the sort out. Deb x

  2. Awwww - I adore the tree decorations too - they are fab XXX

  3. Great to catch up with your blog, I've been away to long...
    Good luck with your sort out....mine often turn into bigger jobs than I anticipate....
    Those decs are fab

  4. Fab christmas decorations.

    My hubby keeps making comments about my yarn stash. He asked me yesterday if I was selling some I had just dyed. Errrr no was my answer.

  5. those decorations are just lovely!

  6. Loving the Christmas decs. They are really fab


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