Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How Time Flies.

Is it really that long since I was last here???????????

I don't know where the time has gone.

Still, I have been busy, very busy.

First of all, I have been working on my A-Z. It sort of grew. Now it is an emormous scrapbook with a double layout for each letter. And it weighs a ton!!!

I still haven't finished all the letters but I only have 2 more to think of, another 2 more that need to wait until the right time of year to finish and the final one will be X for Xmas lights.

I may even get it published as I am being nagged to, but not sure about that.

I also have made a whole load of ATCs.

These are not the ones I have made but some of the ones I have received in exchange. My small collection is growing.

I joined an "ATC Trail" on UKS so now can take part in regular swaps whenever I want to, with no pressure if I am a bit busy.

And, of course, I have been crocheting. Well, to be exact, crotating. Its a form of tatting that is done with a crochet hook and combines crochet in with it. I have been working on some beaced crotat jewellery and some scrapping motifs.

I promise pics soon.

Which brings me to the final thing, Rainbow Valley.

We have decided to get a Sky package for the TV, phone and internet. Of course, this means a whole new website as my current one is with out current ISP. I ended up opting for a Mr Site package.

I changed my domain name over to them and was surprised at how quickly everything got sorted out. The new site is up and running but there are a few minor blips to sort out.

So, if you have a pipex URL or email for me, please delete them. You can get the info by using the "Ask me, I might" button on the left.

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