Friday, February 05, 2010

4 more sleeps!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't blogged lately because I haven't really had much to say. Normally my blog is full of projects I have been working on and lots of pics. But I can't craft and I can't use my camera.

All that is going to change in 4 more sleeps!

The cast comes off and I should be back to normal. Ok, so I am not naive enough to think that I am going to be able to do everything exactly the same as I was before I broke it. I do appreciate that I am going to have to build the strength up in the wrist again.

However, that is not going to stop me having a decent shower. The family have been warned that I will be hogging the bathroom for at least an hour on Tuesday night.

With Easter looming on the horizon, I thought I would remind you of these.

They are all free patterns available on Rainbow Valley.

The Easter Eggs shown in the picture are made with thread. I have used three strands at a time and "thread painted" them.

Thread painting is a technique where you use more than one strand of thread or yarn and change one strand at a time. This produces a shaded effect rather than an abrupt colour change.

The Easter Chicks and Easter Bunnies are made from ordinary machine washable acrylic.

You can make them in anything you want to for different sizes.

There are also the Easter Baskets. This pattern is not a free one but it can be bought for just £2.75.

It contains the instructions for all three baskets.

This delightful pattern contains instructions for twelve different Egg Cosies. Again it is available to buy for £2.75.

Unfortunately, I can not take any orders for actual items this year as I do not know how long it is going to take me to get back to crocheting normally.

However, I do have a bag full of the Egg Cosies ready made from last year. I am selling them at £1.50 each.

If anybody wants any, email me.

And finally........

I have written an article about "Understanding Crochet Terms" which has been published on a new site, Dispense Info.

"Dispense info is an information resource for anyone who wants to research subjects and obtain valuable information from those who have expertise in their chosen fields whether that be arts, crafts, hobby or career." - Dispense Info

If you would like to contribute, pop along to the site to have a look.

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  1. Ah enjoy your long shower! It's been a long haul. And...unsolicited recommendation coming up: I gave your Easter animal bags to my girls last year...much loved and still very much in use. Great, great gift.


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