Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Funky Fibre Give Away

I am trying really hard to clear a load of stuff out.

I have found a bag of assorted balls of funky yarns which I really don't want to throw away.

So, email me for my address, send me an S.A.E. with a large letter stamp on and I will send you a selection of at least 6 x 6m lengths.

If I don't get a big response, you can have more as I will only throw them out otherwise.

And please pass the news on, I need to clear out my wardrobe!!!!!


  1. Yummy looking yarn Enfys I will have to send you an Envalope :-) thank you for your kind offer.

  2. Yummy yarn Enfys, very kind of you to give it away :)

  3. May I have some of your yarn please/

    Who should I send my envelope to?

  4. You need to use the "Ask me, I might" button to email me for my address.

  5. Thanks, will drop you an email, thanks again for the generous offer.


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