Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Print Ready!

I am all excited!

My book is finally print ready. I just have to wait for the person dealing with it to go back to work after his hols to get things in motion to send it to print.

An A to Z of Chatteris in Photos

So, what started out as a personal photography project in January 2008 is finally going to be a book.

And more good news, I have managed to sell some to the local schools with payment in advance which means no more scrimping and saving to afford the publishing!

I was able to download a free trial of InDesign which, with just a little bit of cussing, I have learned to use just enough to produce a print ready version pdf to send to the publisher.

That program does some wonderful things and would be amazing for digital scrapbooking but £699 is a little out of my range for it.

If you click on the front cover above, you can download some sample pages.

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  1. Fabulous work hun. Congratulations xxx


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