Monday, July 12, 2010

134 leaves and 4 buds later................

Yes, that is how many finished ones are on here.

I have finished wiring all of the leaves and sewn most of them in place.

And I have made quite a few more.

I started at the top with smaller ones as I decided it would be easier to make them and attach them as I go, rather than work out how many I would need and do them later. I can fill in all the other full sized ones later.

I also changed my mind about the buds. Doing them in the same colour as the leaves just didn't work out.

You couldn't see them.

So after a bit of research - sitting in the garden and looking at my favourite clematis - I decided on a paler colour.

Unfortunately, I already had it in my stash so I didn't have to go stash shopping.

I think you will agree, these buds show up more.

Mark says "If you had done it like I thought you were going to, you would have finished it by now."

Hmmmmmmmmmm, maybe so. But........

Yes Dear, but I have done it like *I* thought I was going to!"


  1. Oh my - it's really comin gon now - so right baout the buds, not least so that your work shows up!!

  2. Was it you who stole my share of patience?? Can't wait to see it finished :o)

  3. Looking great Enfys, such a unique piece.


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