Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year!

Is it just me or are the years getting shorter?

It seems that one has only just started and it is the summer, then the winter and another one about to start.

And is it really 7 years since I "emigrated" to Cambridgeshire?

Here is my New Year gift to you all. Unfortunately it isn't as good as previous years as I just haven't been out taking photos like I used to. I got out of the habit when I broke my wrist and the camera was just too heavy to hold, then didn't get back into it.

So that is my New Year Resolution, to get out at least once each moth looking for photos so that I have a nice collection all ready for next years calendar.

And my other, which I was going to make last year, is to get some of those patterns which are part written up on the site for sale.

I only managed two last year, partly due to the broken wrist and partly due to the Clematis.

However, as much as I think the Clematis was well worth it, I won't be attempting anything that big this summer.

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  1. Hello Enfy, Your crocheting is truly lovely. could you email about your book An A to Z of Chatteris. Is this a crochet book?? I saw a crochet carrot on the preview so I was just wondering. Thanks Hugs Judy


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