Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Remember those Crochet Cables?

Well, what got me started on them was creating a Poncho for Inside Crochet.

I love this poncho and it has been so difficult to keep it a secret. Thankfully, it is now published so I can share!

I had the poncho back in October and have been wearing it. It is so warm and snuggly.

I used Aran Tweed Knitting Wool from Kilcar in Donegal, Ireland. It comes in 200g skeins (Length = 320 m / 350 yards) Lilac-4812. The Poncho uses 8 skeins.

You can buy online from COMMODUM art and design. They also sell on eBay, just search for “Donegal yarn”.

It is aran weight and 100% wool. It may seem a bit expensive, the conversion rate (at the time of designing) made it about £10 (GBP) for 200g. But when you consider that the Sirdar Click cost me £3.25 for 50g, it is actually a very reasonable price. It is lovely to work with and gorgeous to wear.

The poncho is in Januarys Inside Crochet (issue 37) which was out at the end of December.

And there is a matching Hat and Mitten set on my site.

The Hat uses 1 skein and the mittens use 1 skein.


  1. Hi Helen, I am doing this beautyful poncho actually, and I am wondering why I have to turn my work after each row. I would prefer to continue in the same direction and do front post stitches as these are easier to do. Would this method affect the look of the pattern?
    Cheers, Claudia

    1. Never having worked the poncho without turning, I can not tell you if it would work. This page explains why I turn.

      You have to turn on the first few rows as these are not slip stitched together. Whether or not you turn on the later rounds is up to you but, as I have designed the pattern for turning, I can not guarantee it will look the same.


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