Monday, October 14, 2013

Ally Pally 2013

I had an exhausting day but loved every minute of it. Not so sure today though, aching all over!

Up at 6.00am to pack my lunch, tea and crochet. Because we are back so late, I always take something to eat on the bus on the way home. I can leave it on the bus so it isn't as if I have to carry it around all day.

We arrived rather early for the bus and sat in the van where it was warm and dry waiting for it to turn up. We made good time and got there about 10.15am.

First stop - Tulip. I had to say hello to the friends I made last year. We had a chat then I spoke to Pauline Turner. We chatted a little about James Walters and Sylvia Cosh (my Crochet Heros)and off I toddled to my next stop.

I know the Owner/Designer of the Natural Dye Studio from Ravelry, so really had to pop in and say hello when I found out she was there.

And, my final planned visit before things got too busy, was to the Crochet Chain to see my friend Diana. Some things never change. Just as bouncy and cheerful as ever, even with all that pink! She knows I have a thing about pink so my rude comments about it were just laughed at. We shared forthcoming patterns to be published in Inside Crochet and congratulated each other on our success. It is always fun visiting with Diana.

After that, I went back to the beginning and systematically went up and down the aisles so that I didn'r miss anything out. I was on my feet from 10.15am when we got there to 4.30pm when we left.

Is it any wonder I am aching?

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