Friday, February 14, 2014

The "I don't do Minimalist" clock.

We moved.

We need a clock.

And we have a big, plain, boring, bare wall.

So, do we go for a picture and a small clock? Or do we go for a big feature clock? Much discussion followed.

Eventually we decided to go for a big feature clock. But what type? More discussion followed. We finally found one we liked on eBay that was within my price range, ordered it and waited impatiently.

What a shock when it arrived! First of all it wasn't any where near as nice as it had looked in the picture. It was some sort of resin, not metal.

Secondly, it was smashed to pieces and totally unusable.

We had to find another clock. More discussion followed.

Eventually, I had enough of discussion and bought this one.

It is a "Minimalist" style clock. The big hand is about 30cm long.

But those who know me, know I don’t do minimalist………….

Watch this space.

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