Monday, June 30, 2014

Website Changes

Remember that new "Instant Download Provider" I mentioned? I have been having so much fun with it.

First of all, I have been able to do this!

And, thanks to the new CSS I have been learning, it follows you as you scroll down the page.

Ok, so I don't yet understand the finer points and in some of the older IE browsers it does not work properly but, when it does work, it's great!

You can see how many items you have added to your basket, change the currency you wish to buy in and see the total in the currency you have chosen. I have set it for some of the more common currencies but am happy to add more if I get a big enough demand for them.

If you click on "View Basket", there is a drop down menu where you can change the language on all of the buttons. I have set the default language on the pages to the most appropriate. Go and have a play! Click on the German or Swedish flag and see it change automatically. I am loving it.

And for those whose browsers don't show the cloud in its correct position, I have added these. They sit just above the first pattern on each of the pattern pages and you will have to scroll back up the page to use them.

Sorry but I am not a website designers and I don't even begin to understand the finer points of CSS. I just try to find a solution to a problem when somebody emails me about one.

All of this means that I no longer use Ravelry for my instant downloads. I am sorry to say this but they just do not fill my needs any more.

I am planning on expanding into kits and possibly supplying some speciality yarns/threads. When I do this I would have to look at an alternative shopping cart as Ravelry does not provide this service. There new EU rules have just made me do it all sooner rather than later.

ShopIntegrator Instant Digital Downloads
And I suppose you want a link to the new system? Click on the icon.

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