Thursday, February 26, 2009

March Calendar

I know, I was really bad last month and didn't do one.

So I hope this months makes up for it - especially as I waited all day for the sun to come out long enough to make the crocuses open. But it didn't.

And it was my birthday!

I have decided to be 27. I figured that nobody believes 21 any more so I might as well pick a number I like and stick to it.

I had some snowdrops from Benjamin, which was why I was out in the "garden". I also had some cash so bought some bulbs while I was out shopping. I planted them all yeasterday afternoon.

I had some flowers from Mark. He found a bunch with bright purple ones in. He knows its my favourite colour. When I opened them to put them on the vase, all the stems were purple as well, which led to a discussion about dyed flowers and the way it was done.

Of course, then we had to experiment and have put one of the white flowers in a glass of water with blue ink in it. The ink keeps disappearing though so I don't think it is the best thing for the job.

I might just have to splash out on some food colouring.


  1. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Love the sound of the bright purple flowers. Happy Birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday. great calendar.

  3. Hope you had a Fab birthday xxxx

    Love the flowers

  4. Anonymous7:31 pm

    Happy Birthday! I love the flowers!!


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