Saturday, February 28, 2009

One of those perfect photo moments

Have you ever spent ages trying to capture the perfect photo of something only to never be quite satisfied with the results?

Then, months later and quite unexpectedly, you see what you were looking for and snap it quick not expecting great results because you haven't had time to adjust the settings on the camera properly.

However, the results are quite stunning and more than you had imagined.

I spent a lot of last summer chasing bees around the garden. I have posted some of the results on here. Although I was quite pleased with many of the photos, they were never quite what I wanted.

Mark and I want some pictures for the bathroom wall. He wants some of those funny poster type ones, I didn't.

Finally we agreed that we were going to use some of my photos. He had seen some that he liked online so, knowing the sort of thing he likes and armed with my new macro lens, I proceeded to try to take some.

Nothing has been quite right.

Then, yesterday, I was out with one of the residents having a look around the local market before we went for a cuppa. There, snuggled inside a daffodil, was a bee. As it happened, I had my camera with me and stopped to snap it. The wind was blowing a little so I set it quickly to a fast shutter speed as I didn't have time to play around with the setting properly. The wind started blowing harder and the bee started crawling about.

I was convinced they wouldn't be much good and was expecting camera shake. But when I got home and looked at them on the screen, this is what I saw!

I have no doubt that it is far from a perfect picture technically but I don't care.

It brings a big grin to my face when I look at it because I am so pleased with it.


  1. Anonymous6:53 pm

    Great picture!

  2. Great picture. Love daffodils (not so sure about the other thing....)

  3. Wonderful photos Enfys

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