Monday, March 23, 2009

Do Trolls have Tails?

Is it that long since I blogged???????

So much has happened this last month.

The good news is that Mark has found a new job. It isn't as much money but it is something he will enjoy doing and he can walk to work which will save around £1500 a year! After his first week he is in a much better mood than he has been in a long time and its really great to see him back to his old self.

Of course, that now means that any money I have spare at the end of the month after the food shopping is all mine!!!!!! I have been looking at cameras again.

I quite like the Ixus 970 or 80. Basically the 970 has better macro and zoom capabilities but is about £60 more. Its a hard decision!!!!

And, after Saturday I am going to have to wait even longer for it. I think I may have got myself on a very slippery slope yesterday. Mark went shooting for the first time in ages so I cadged a lift to Huntingdon. I needed some "Happy Easter" peel offs for work. I got them, I also got a couple of other things for the cards we are making.

The Market stall didn't have what I wanted but they were selling some stamps cheap. I resisted. Stamping is something I haven't yet got into. And I don't have any ink. It was going to work out expensive to buy ink and stamps for work.

However, there were a lot of sales around!!!!! Colemans were selling peel offs at 10 for £3, so I just had to get some (especially as I was rather shocked last week to realise that I didn't have a gold "Happy Birthday" for a card I was making). However, I knew my peel off folder was full so I only got one lot. Grafton Projects were having a closing down sale. They are going online instead. They had peel off folders there. They also had a box of 20 assorted small size inks reduced to £4.99.

You have guessed it! I got both of them then went back to the market and got some stamps then went back to Colemans for more stickers!!!! Anyway, now I have 20 inks and 4 stamps and an extra filder of peel-offs! Might have a play later.

And later, after encouragement from Mark, I went to Argos and bought two games for the Wii. Board games (for me) and Brain Training (for him). They were selling them any two for £30.

I think the camera might have to wait for another month unless I sell an extortionate amount of crochet over the next month!

These Fellas might help!

I am currently working on a new set of puppets - Fantasy. I have a Dragon and Unicorn and wanted something else to go with it. I decided on a Troll.

This was the first draft. I used some pictures I found online. I wasn't entirely happy with him. Hands and feet too big for a start.

Then I found this little fella. Do you remember these?

Of course, I couldn't make him exactly the same. Apart from the copyright issue, the face would have been too flat to get your hand in.

And what point is a puppet you can't get your hand in?

So, do trolls have tails?


  1. Love the little green troll! So cute!(or is he supposed to be scary!)

  2. I don't think trolls have tails but artistic license means you can add one if you like Enfys.
    Cool stash, I am jealous there are no good craft shops near me :( hugs juliet

  3. The naked troll has a tail. No, not THAT one, the tail under his hand!

  4. I think trolls would have a tail but I am not always right.

  5. love the trolls they are sooo cute! as for tails i dont think so, none of my old toys ever did, but hey ho whos gonna capture a troll to prove either way?

  6. Anonymous6:40 am

    yes real trolls have tails, trolls are closely related to giants, trolls are originaly from norway


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