Monday, October 19, 2009


I have felt like that a lot over the last couple of weeks.

It always seems to happen when I have an idea for a pattern that needs to be done pretty quickly, something comes along and throws a spanner in the works.

This time, it was my Dearest.

He very kindly offered to reformat the computer for the Care Home as it was playing up. So, on the Thursday evening the boss dropped it off at our home and he got to work. He did most of it on the Thursday evening and I went into work on the Friday telling her that she would have it back on Monday.

My Dearest likes to be very thorough and she probably would have been safe to have it back on Friday but he likes to play with them first. We had it on all day Saturday putting it through its paces. Benjamin even went on Facebook with it. Any minor glitches were ironed out and the puter was working like a dream.

The only problem with all of this was that my Dearest realised how slow and out of date ours are. He decided to go to PC World "for a look".

Yes, you guessed it, we came home with a brand spanking new puter.

He set it all up on the Sunday and expected me to move my 550,000 photos and files over in 5 mins flat and then complained that he couldn't do what else he wanted to do because mine was taking so long to do it. He didn't listen to my suggestion that he do his first and I could do mine during the week while he was in work.

And did I mention that we now have Vista? With Windows Mail that doesn't support Gmail? And that isn't compatible with the drivers of half our hardware?


I am not going into the details but pretty much everything is sorted out now. There have been one of two minor casualties but nothing major. Although is did mean that I spent most of my time I should have been working on the pattern installing various software and hunting online for updated drivers or new free programs to replace the ones that don't work with Vista.

I have taken pics of the new lanterns but that is going to have to wait until tomorrow because I have run out of time!

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