Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An Award

I had this last week from Emma but, as usual, I am running around trying to do 50 things at once so I didn't get to post it.

So, a bit belated, but "Diolch Emma"

The rules for accepting the award are:
1. Place the logo within your blog or post
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3. Link the nominees within the post
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So here are my twelve nominees.

Buckinghams Palace - Truly Scrumptious - - Stamping Ground - Debs Cards - Vrons Blog - Scrap Happens Here - Juliet K - Debs Craft Blog - Happy Mum - Secret Corridor - A Crafting Journey

Enjoy Everybody!

And now down to business. I have been crocheting up a storm. I have been re-vamping the puppet patterns and, since having my cast off 4 weeks ago, I have almost done 5 of them. As there are 3 puppets in each pattern, that means I have crocheted 14 puppets. No, my maths isn't wrong - I did say almost.

I took some photos last weekend of some of them. I am not entirely happy with the photos, I will try again next weekend. I have to wait until the weekend as I need my son to model. However, having just checked the calendar, I might be able to do some tomorrow as he doesn't have an afters chool club and I should be finishing normal time.

I am quite pleased with myself and am more or less back to crocheting normally. The first couple of weeks my wrist ached rather a lot and Mark was telling me off for crocheting too much. However, I found the crocheting actually helped and, if I cam home from work with it aching, the gentle movement soothed a bit.

Also, I was told this by a AnnieAnna on Craft Forum

"Seriously - enjoy that crocheting. Did you know knitting, crocheting and handsewing is hypnotic. You put yourself into a sort of trance and your seratonin levels go up and you go dopely happy."

What other excuse could I possibly need?


  1. Thank you so much for thinking of me ... you have made my day X
    Loving the hand puppet too X

  2. Gosh Helen, thank you for the award...I'm chuffed indeed.
    Love what you've been up to - the puppets are fab!

  3. Thank you Enfys, I needed a bit of sunshine.
    Looking forward to seeint he other hand puppets when you have done the photos,hugs Juliet

  4. Thank you so much for the award - made my day xxxx

  5. Your puppets are fab! So colourful.

  6. Fantastic puppet, hope DD doesn't see these, I haven't learnt to crochet yet

  7. I love the duck puppet, and the quote. So true!

  8. Love the blog - seratonin- that explains it! I'll tell the family next time they complain about the 'clicking'.


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