Sunday, October 17, 2010

Word Up.

I have been working as fast as I can on these letters. Some are relatively easy, especially when certain parts are the same.

Some are not!

The "J" looks fine in this one but when I used it in "Jack" it was far too small.

After some alterations, I finally got it to the right size.

I also had to change the "A" for Alice.

I still have no idea when this lot are going to be ready. I was planning for the end of October but "things" happen.

Good things for me, bad things for you.

"Inside Crochet" are interested in some of my patterns. This is good for me because of the exposure and the extra cash.

But it is bad for you because you either have to get the magazine to get the patterns, or wait a further 6 months after it has been published for me to be able to sell the patterns on my site.

Another good things is that my driving licence has come. They sent me a letter to ask if I had ever lived at a certain street. And, if so, why was I applying for a 1st time provisional. Ooops! I answered yes and that I no longer had the old licence or a record of the number and thought it was out of date. Hence the new application.

My new licence turned up on Thursday, complete with the original number. Then, on Saturday, an cheque for £30 because they had issued a replacement not a new one!

I ordered a BSM New Learner Driver Pack from Tesco. Only £52 of Tesco vouchers and it has 4 lessons, 2 simulator lessons and all of the books and dvds you need. I have phoned BSM to use the Tesco package and now have to wait for them to ring back.

This is other stuff going on which I can't tell you about. Hopefully, if it works out, I will be able to tell you about it soon.


  1. Love your letters! They would be just terrific to use in gifts and decorating.

    Hugs XX

  2. Those letters look just fab Enfys You are so clever :-)

  3. These letters are amazing Enfys.I crochet but dont think I could do anything as complicated as this - you are so talented!


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