Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Blog Revival

I really need to get this blog up and running again. Hopefully, now that the bulk of the EU VAT work is out of the way, I will have more time for blogging as well as crocheting.

When I went to Ally Pally last year, I was a bit disappointed. It is now 5 days and the prices have gone up, making it far too expensive for the smaller yarn suppliers.

As a consequence, lots of regulars I was hoping to see again were not there.

However, these people were.

They are Jamiesons of Shetland and they had a stand full of gorgeous wool!

I can't resist wool. And I don't mean yarn (although most types of yarn are unresistible), I mean proper wool. It felt and smelt gorgeous.

They had shelves of kits along the back. All knitting, no crochet. I asked if they designed them and was told that a designer does it for them. Then I asked why there were no crochet kits and they said "We don't know a crochet designer".

They must have been waiting for me!

After showing some of my work and short discussion, I came home with four balls of this amazing yarn and a fat quarter of matching fabric.

I have started designing something for it but using some acrylic aran. Wool spoils if you frog it too much. As soon as we are all happy with the practice piece (and I am the fussiest) I will make it up in the real stuff.

If they like my work, I get to play with a lot more of their yarn. Next year, they will be having some crochet kits on the stand!

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