Thursday, January 22, 2015

Last Christmas...........

.....I had a full set of Clover Amour.

My son connived with a friend. I had half the set from him and the other half from her.

I would show you the full set but they are scattered about in various projects, as any good hook should be.
This Christmas, my son bought me some beautiful hand made candle stick holders. Not that I plan to use them for candles but they will make beautiful bud vases for when I finally get all those crocheted flowers done.

So, I treated myself. A new set of Clover Amour, thread ones this time, in pastels to match the bright colours of the larger sizes.

The only reason you get to see the full set is because they only arrived last Friday and the projects I am current working on are yarn not thread.

Soon, they will be scattered about in various projects.

And did you know, they come in bigger sizes now!

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