Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday Morning Blues!

Why is it I never seem to have any "Get-Up-And-Go" on a Monday morning? I am supposed to be at C&C at 9.30am and I am still here. And, to be honest, I really don't feel like going but know I have to as they are expecting me to bring the clowns heads I have made.

It was Marks birthday on Saturday and poor thing had to work. Still, I hope I made up for by getting him plenty of beer in for the evening. I also invited some friends around and we had a Chinese. The problem with going out for a meal is that, as I don't drive, he can't drink. And now, with this law banning smoking in public places, he can't smoke either. So doing it all at home meant he could drink and smoke in comfort!

We went out Christmas Shopping on Sunday. Benjamin went to a car boot sale with friends and two bags of toys. He came home with one bag of toys and £10.80. He did quite well and was pleased with it. It was the easiest I have ever managed to get him to sort his toys out to make more for Christmas.

The idea of him going with them was to give us a chance to get his pressie. Thats all sorted now. We also had to get a tux for Mark and a dress for me to go to his posh Christmas "do" for work. Luckily, the dress I got goes perfectly with the shoes I got last year. One less shopping trip! However, having lost a fair bit of weight from last year, I need a new strapless bra to go with it. And the tops of my arms are all saggy so I need a shrug or something to cover them.

All this hassle for one night!

Still, best get off now and get to C&C.

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  1. Your crocheted designs are soooo beautiful. Crocheting was my addiction until I discovered digital scrapbooking although my crocheted items were never as perfect as yours.


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