Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I managed to get 2 weeks worth or reading and videos done last week with the intention of getting some free time this week to do some scrapping.

It started off well. I did the weekly challenge with the photos I took of the fireworks on Saturday night. using some newfound skills, I merged them to make a montage and found something suitably sparkley for the writing. I went to C&C, then came home and spent ages cleaning the kitchen to get rid of puppy hair etc.

Tuesday dawned bright and sunny so I thought I would go out. However, I got sidetracked with Christmas cards so didn't manage to get ready to go out til lunchtime. Then, just as I was organised, I had a call from the school. Benjamin had broken his specs. This meant taking his spare pair to the school and taking his broken ones to be repaired. And that was the afternoon gone. I did go out last night to try to get some night shots of Chatteris. However, there was one a particularly wanted and the light was off.

This morning, of to Tesco on the free bus. My photos I ordered were still not there despite having an assurance from online customer service that they had been re-ordered. The woman in the customer service in the store isn't very helpful. She managed to lose the email that I had given to the other lady last week. So when she asked for a slip this week, I reminded her she had lost it. I now have to email the online customer service yet again and tell them what I think of their photo service.

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